Plasma Training Academy


This unique training in Plasma Treatment, covers theory and practical demonstrations together with closely supervised hands on practice.

It provides professionals with the knowledge and skills required to deliver effective and appropriate treatments for the following Indications:

  • Acrochordon (skin tags)

  • Ageing skin, fine lines & wrinkles

  • Eyelid hooding/sagging, peri-orbital

  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty

  • Scar reduction: acne, chicken pox

  • Skin tightening

  • Telangiectasia/thread vein removal

  • Skin texture/tone

  • Unwanted hair growth / Warts

  • Tattoo Removal

The course includes a portfolio of materials including history, consent, and post-treatment record forms, together with a Certificate of attendance.

The plasma course is generic and therefore offers an overview of various plasma devices to enable comparisons. However, the device utilised during training is the preferred device of the trainer. This is due to the effectiveness, competitive price, the accuracy of calibration, authorised annual servicing and comparative cost of consumables.

In addition, the preferred device is utilised by many doctors, surgeons and dermatologists within the NHS and the private sector.  It has a proven safety record and is therefore recognised by insurance companies and underwriters who may offer users insurance at no extra cost, or at a much lower cost than other devices on the market.

This is first and only training provider offering training with this sophisticated device for all the above listed indications.

This unique course provides the highest standard of service, knowledge, and practice in order to gain the experience and confidence required to perform the treatment effectively.

Course Prices and Date

£795 + VAT Per Person / Course Date = Coming Soon

Choice of machine depending on specification

(The recommended device utilised, is available to purchase on day of training, at a cost of £1307 + VAT)

This includes 200 x Tips / Needles at the ‘on the day’ price (Costing you only 0.79 per treatment)

Once you have decided to embark on the training course please telephone or email to book your date.

Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Once you have booked and paid for your course a training day schedule will be sent to you enabling you to plan your day.

Courses are non transferable and non refundable, however if Ultimate Training Academy do not reach the required number of students then we reserve the right to rearrange with a minimum of 1 weeks notice.

All our products are Vegan friendly.

The course will include the following topics:


  • Skin anatomy and physiology

  • Comparisons in devices and selection

  • Needle / tip selection

  • Indications for use including areas of treatment

  • Effectiveness of treatment – including depth, longevity and post treatment care

  • Handling & treatment for adverse reactions

  • Appropriate combination of further treatment options

Demonstration & practice sessions:

  • Client preparation for treatment – including the importance of accurately describing possible sensations during treatment

  • Effective treatment techniques
  • Health and safety management: including choice of equipment, device power selection, equipment management & maintenance
  • Frequency of treatments
  • Use of home care products

Consultation Protocol:

  • Client selection – including client medical history, medications and supplements list
  • Skin analysis and pre treatment considerations
  • Contra indications and cautions to treatments
  • Consenting clients

Treatment records:

  • Maintaining client records
  • Importance of pre and post treatment photographs
  • Post treatment advice
  • Indemnity insurance

Course Duration: 1 Day

Benefits of training with us:

  • ‘Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic’ Insurance recognised training course

  • Finance is now available, enabling you to spread the cost

  • Small group sessions

  • practical hands on experience 1\2 models

  • All equipment and materials provided for training

  • Marketing tips are included on all our courses

  • Comprehensive electronic history, consent and record forms are provided free for trainees. These can be available to print and use as and when required

  • On-going ‘post training’ support via telephone, email and closed group

  • Friendly, experienced and approachable trainers

Entry Requirements:

It is advisable to check with your insurance company for ENTRY CRITERIA before embarking on the course.

Our course is recognised by HAMILTON FRASER COSMETIC INSURANCE – Contact telephone number: 0800 63 43 881

Other recommended insurance companies can be found with Insync, Holistic, Lonsdale.

The minimum age of entry to the course is eighteen years.

Each course candidate is expected to agree to promote a responsible attitude to health and safety and cooperate with others, in maintaining a safe environment throughout their training.

Plasma Treatment Before & After

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Should you have any queries regarding this course, our team would love to hear from you