• Ultimate Carbon Facial
The Ultimate VIP Fixer for your skin!

Using a specially formulated Carbon powder paste this unique 5 Star – medical grade treatment drastically clears & tightens open pores, clears blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes & acne! It exfoliates your skin leaving you radiant, reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity by stimulating collagen production!

It is the very latest, not-surgical treatment for all ages & skin types.

It’s painless, requires NO downtime and results can be seen from session one!

The Carbon Laser Facial also known at the ‘Black Doll Facial’ or the ‘Hollywood’ is incredibly effective in treating skin imperfections, improving the overall appearance of your skin, softening fine lines, improving wrinkles, ridding you of spots, blemishes and lightening pigmentation.

The added benefits of Collagen stimulation and elastin boosting means a brighter, tighter, lifted skin is achieved!
What’s not to love.

The Ultimate Laser Carbon Facial is said to be the ‘go to’ facial for our favourite Red Carpet Queens – Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie.

Whether they’ve had the course for the full ‘turn back the damage’ effect, or simply a super quick fix appointment to glow at the Oscars? They adore the results!

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What happens during your treatment?

  • Your face is cleansed, make-up removed
  • The special Carbon powder paste is applied over your face, this will penetrate deep into your pores and dry quickly
  • The M22 Laser is discharged over the paste and reacts by vapourising the upper-dead layer of the skin, breaking down and gently blasting micro-debris and unwanted sebum from the pores. The Laser in turn tightens, lightens pigmentation, attacks acne and stimulates collagen regrowth!
  • Painless and relaxing with ‘NO’ downtime
  • The result is clearer, brighter, even toned, tighter, radiant skin

How Does The Ultimate Laser Carbon Facial Treatment Actually Work?

The Carbon Powder paste is applied to the skin, this then quickly dries and is absorbed into the pores.

When the Laser is directed on to the face, it pushes the carbon particles deeper into the pores, blasting the micro-dirt particles and oils, disintegrating and pushing excess to the top layer of the skin where its vapourised along with the top, dead layer of skin.

The laser enables a deep absorption of carbon into the skin which in turn stimulates a regrowth of Collagen & elastin.

The Ultimate VIP Fixer for your skin!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate Carbon Laser Facial can reduce acne and in some cases clear, removes the dead skin cells dulling our skin to reveal a brighter, more even toned complexion. It can stimulated the growth of collagen improving skin texture and elasticity. Will clear any blackheads and help to reduce open pores.

Can be effective on other parts of the body, especially chest, back and hands.

You will receive a comprehensive consultation assessing your skin type, medical history and any medications you may be prescribed. A test patch will always be carried out prior to your initial treatment ensuring no adverse reaction is expected.

Once this has been done and you are assessed as an appropriate candidate for the treatment, you can go ahead.

As with any laser treatment, correct precautions and eyewear must always be implemented and used. Therefore the risk of eye injury is eliminated due to correct eyewear.

Your eyes will be correctly covered during your laser treatment with the special safety goggles provided.

We would not expect you to have any redness as this is a very gentle, pain free laser treatment, which is only removing the upper layer of dead skin cells to reveal your new, fresh ones.

This can even be a ‘lunchtime’ treatment as there is no downtime, or after effects apart from fresh, clean, brighter skin.

We would always recommend that your face is left makeup free if possible for a couple of hours, as with any deep cleansing facial.

However, this is not mandatory.

This can be a special treat, a one-off treatment for a special occasion to brighten dull, dry, tired or clogged skin.

However, to clear, rejuvenate, address ageing and skin conditions you may be suffering from, a monthly facial over a six month period is highly recommended.

No, it’s painless. Most clients would say they feel a gentle tapping on the surface of the skin, and maybe a little tickling in certain areas.
As previously mentioned, we would advise you to leave makeup off for a couple of hours to let the skin breath and avoid any reaction from products.

We always recommend you stay out of strong sunlight for 24 – 48 hours, as your skin may be more sensitive to UVA.

We would also recommend you avoid extreme heat, such as very hot baths, or face washing in hot water, also swimming, saunas, steam, etc.

Ultimate Laser Carbon Facial Prices

Ultimate Carbon Laser Facial £99

Book a course of SIX (recommended to obtain optimum, long term results)
pay only for FIVE – Just £495

*Please note – It is highly recommended to have a Dermabrasion facial or a Dermaplane facial prior to the IPL Laser Therapy in order to achieve the ultimate, maximum results – This can be added on at a special low price of £35

For further information or to book an appointment!