Health and Recovery in Motion
An introduction to Hema
Sport Science HND, KORE Dip, MASc,

At some point in our life, no matter our age, occupation, sport, pre-existing conditions, surgery, trauma or injuries; we all develop muscular pain and/or joint pain.  This may arise from any of the above but the root to your problem may not necessarily be where the pain is experienced.

Here at Health & Recovery in Motion Ltd ®, a branch of medicine is used, known as ‘Sports Medicine’ together with Complementary Medicine from the East.  Both provide us with well researched, specialised skills to deal with a wide scope of problems from back pain, weak or over tight muscles, occupational pain, sciatica, food intolerance, headaches, low energy, emotional pain, sports performance, faulty exercise techniques, poor nutrition, infertility, scar tissues, and sports injuries, to name just a few…

‘Making positive changes together’


The assessment starts as soon as we see the client walk into the room and is followed by a detailed consultation surrounding your problem.  A full evaluation is carried out using manual muscle tests (kinesiology) and from our findings we design a bespoke treatment plan in order of priority.

For example, it is not uncommon for an old injury to lead to adaptation which causes us to change how we use our body, thus giving rise to a new problems.  Or that scar tissue can thicken, compressing on the underlying muscles, nerves, organs, etc., or even to have an imbalance in the pelvis that can lead to sciatica, knee pain, difference in leg length, lower back pain, or that emotional trauma may manifest into a physical pain… what we feel is not always what is happening inside!


  • Muscular and Joint Pain / Injury

  • Sports Therapy and Performance Enhancement

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Postural Rehabilitation

  • K.O.R.E Therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Nutrition and Food Intolerance Test

  • Remedial Massage

  • Digestion and Sensitivities

The clinic manages simple to complex cases on a daily basis and we rise to the challenge by digging deep into our resource, research and skills to make a difference.

The treatment is fully clothed and gentle to meet with your abilities.

Contact: Hema Maisuria Sport Science HND, KORE Dip, MASc,
John Chamberlain KORE Specialist, Swedish Body Massage

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