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The Beauty Industries Hottest Treatment

Facialist to the stars (models, designers and top makeup artists) Rhianna Frend says the practice, which she does using Japanese blades, is “becoming more and more popular, especially in the last six months.”

Done in combination with stem cell treatments, “to really push the stem cells into the skin,” enzyme peels and light therapy.

This is a bespoke treatment for each client. It leaves skin completely clean, exfoliated and glowing: “It’s an instant gratification treatment,” says Rhianna.

Using the gentlest blade on dry skin and you’re in control of the pressure with your hands. It’s suitable for the most sensitive and gentle skin because there’s no aggression.” As for how often you should get it done, Rhianna says it depends on the client, but she wouldn’t recommend more than every three weeks. “We have a lot of clients that come in for an express facial, which can include a 30 minute Dermaplaning Treatment”.

The bespoke facial is a 60 minute procedure to rejuvenate and replenish the skin which allows 60% more skincare products to enter the deeper layers.

The Beauty Industries Hottest Treatment

Dermaplaning Before & After

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