Becoming a franchisee with Ultimate Group does much more than give you the exclusive rights to our treatments and processes. It offers you the independence of a small business owner but supported by the benefits of a much bigger business network and widespread brand-name recognition, ensuring you have a much higher chance of success.

Our franchise areas each comprise around a million people and by partnering with NB Professional you will access our established outstanding reputation, our Brand image, our training material, our marketing team, our proven management and work practices, our support services along with our groundbreaking unique products and processes. We truly believe that our training is the best there is and our clients and franchisees agree.

We don’t just partner with anyone – our franchisees must meet our rigorous standards and attend in-house training ensuring the high integrity and reputation of The Brand. By partnering with us you will access the best in the business and have our seal of approval that lets customers know that you meet our exacting standards.

If you think that you have what it takes to join our team then please contact Rhianna Frend Bullock on 01253 727998or email us at:  for further information.

Why join our team?

  • We offer you all the resources you could wish for including: lesson plans, power points, manuals, kits, tracking documents and much more

  • Digital marketing material and all digital logos

  • Dedicated one to one manager to offer ongoing supervision and management support

  • Proven business concept and operating model.

  • Established operating policies, procedures and standards

  • In-house training and refreshers for standardisation proposes

  • A network of support from our contacts and other franchisees

  • Our marketing team will support your courses on our website and via social media

Do you think that you have what it takes?